Details: Write On Science Services

Some commonly used terms describing my services

Copy editing

Correcting mechanical errors: grammar, spelling, usage and punctuation issues.  The client's voice is maintained.

Substantive editing

Also referred to as structural editing.  Reorganization of sentences/paragraphs/sections of a document to clarify the meaning.

Stylistic editing 

Line by line editing to polish the language, including maintaining consistency, clarifying ambiguous terminology, and writing to the reading level required.  


Also referred to as writing or rewriting.  The client supplies the content (analyzed data, figures, tables, and references), and I write the article/grant/report.

Project editing 

Also referred to as developmental editing.  Taking a project (such as a multi-institutional grant proposal or brochure) from letter of intent to completion (or any parts, thereof).  All content is supplied by collaborators and I ultimately report to one principal on the project, unless otherwise instructed.

Literature reviews

Performing comprehensive reviews of the literature, based on client-supplied criteria.  

Note:  I generally follow the most recent edition of The Chicago Manual of Style, unless directed otherwise.  I also work from electronic copies of documents, and use Track Changes and Comments (or similar tools) to convey all editing and writing suggestions.